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Rusty Davidson and Glenn Wise have been involved in ministry to men since the late 1990ís. From large conferences to churches and small group settings, their experience is only matched by their enthusiasm.

One goal of Aaron and Hurís ministry to men will be to come alongside churches and menís groups to provide direction for growth, Bible studies and links to national conferences. Through our website we will provide downloadable studies that will engage men at the church and small group level.

A strong ministry to men is vital. Statistics show that if a man comes to Christ, 93% of the time his family will follow. Winning men will have dramatic effects on kingdom building.


Aaron and Hur Ministries is based on the story of Moses in Exodus 17:10-13 where Moses was instructed to hold up a staff while Joshua fought the Amalekites. Mosesí arms became tired and fell causing the Israelites to start losing the battle. Aaron and Hur came along each side of Moses to help him hold up the staff. Joshua and the Israelites defeat the Amalekites.

We want to mimic the example of Aaron and Hur and disciple others to do the same. Growing servant leaders is what God has called our ministry to do.

We would love for you to be a part of Aaron and Hur Ministries. We are looking for families to make a covenant with God and the ministry to give $10.00 per month, or as God leads, and for churches and businesses to pray about how God would have you help. Donation can be made by mailing a check or money order to our address and our goal is to have a pay site set up on our website for your convenience.

The biggest thing we need is for you to bath the ministry in prayer as we start to do the ministry God has laid in front of us. God bless your family and the ministry that you are called to!

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We believe that we are the hands and feet of Jesus. Our local missions will be very diverse - from helping the homeless to home makeovers. We will also help those families with deployed soldiers.

Our foreign mission focus will be though PROJECT BEL VI. Bel Vi is in the mountain region of La Gonave, Haiti. Currently we are working to build a school, orphanage, medical clinic and a home for the local missionaries, Laura and Ybani Dalah. The school started with forty seven students and now has two hundred.

We need financial support so we can build part of the school by September of 2011. The school needs 500 dollars to pay the teachers each month and we will need 10,000 dollars to get the school started. Help us make a difference in Bel Vi and in these childrenís lives. The church is alive and well, and worships God like I have never seen!

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